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Manualia practica Cancellarii; Manuali pratici del Cancelliere (Manuals of the Chancellor)
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Leges et instructiones; Leggi e istruzioni (Books of laws and regulations of the Dubrovnik Republic)

The series is very important for the research of the legal history of the Dubrovnik Republic. It consists of several transcripts of the basic Dubrovnik legal codes, or more precisely, the Statute from 1272, Liber omnium reformationum (1335-1410), Liber viridis (1358-1460) and Liber croceus (1460-1803). A Dubrovnik nobleman, Frano Gondola (1539-1589) composed indexes for these basic collections of regulations. He made sure that each provision is followed by a brief description and definitions of less familiar terms. Gondola's work has contributed significantly to easier referencing and interpretation of the law in general. The series also contains other books of laws that were created based on the previously mentioned codes as well as collections of decisions from judicial and administrative practice. It also contains various indexes for series and fonds such as Acta Consilii Rogatorum (HR-DADU-3.1), Sententiae Cancellariae (HR-DADU-18), Diversa Cancellariae (HR-DADU-15), Diversa Notariae (HR -DADU-9), Diversa de Foris (HR-DADU-30.1).

Jewish people are mentioned in the series only occasionally. In the book Index sive regestum Partium Consilii Rogatorum, rpbl. Ragusinae ab. A 1407 us. ad a. 1601, there are three entries on the decisions of the Senate on the dwelling of the Jews inside the city walls (vol. 26, f. 81). The books Indice alfabetico delle sentenze and Index sententiarum present the words of an oath that Jews were required to take when testifying in court (vol. 18, f. 53; vol. 42, f. 35). In the book Compendio di tutte le sentenze e giudicati in ogni materia, in forma d'indice raccolte da me D. Antonio Damiano Ohmuchievich, the text of this oath in Latin was published in two places (vol. 45, f. 121-122, 124 -125).