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Privata (Books and documents from private archives)
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Privata (Books and documents from private archives)

  • HR-DADU-63
  • Fondi
  • 1427-1829

The fonds is an important source for researching the life and business affairs of the people living in the Dubrovnik Republic in the period from the 15th to the 19th century. It consists primarily of accounting books of debts and receivables (dare et avere), trade journals (giornale), various notes (squarçio, libro picolo, quaderno), general ledgers (libro grande, maestro) and accounting books of different stores (quaderni stacionis).

Volume no. 23 of this fonds is an accounting book which contains various monetary claims of Isac Vita Campos, with an alphabetical index according to the first names of his debtors. It can be assumed that this book contains data on both Isac and his brother Samuel, two prominent Dubrovnik merchants who ran a very successful trading company in the 18th century. The data provide evidence that seven generations of the Campos family lived in Dubrovnik from the 17th to the 19th century. Some accounting books of various Dubrovnik merchants, for example Vicko Stefani, Martolo Đurđević and Benko Resti, also contain data on their affairs with Jewish business partners (vols. 32, 43, 44).

Josip Gelčić (1849-1925)