Fonds HR-DADU-57 - Arboratica; Arboraggi; Arboracci (Maritime fee arboratica)

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Arboratica; Arboraggi; Arboracci (Maritime fee arboratica)


  • 16th century - 19th century (Création/Production)

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31 volumes; 1,1 linear metres; textual records

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The Office for Maritime Affairs or the Office for the Supervision of Navigation was founded in 1745, at the time of a new increase of maritime affairs in the Dubrovnik Republic. It appears in archival sources under different following names: Officio della Navigazione, Officio alla Sopraintendenza della Navigazione, Sopraintendenza della Navigazione, Officio della Marina, Magistrato alla Navigazione. The office was managed by five senators, the so-called Officiali alla Sopraintendenza della Navigazione, who were initially elected for a term of five years, and from the 80s of the 18th centuries, for a term of three years. The office supervised the entire maritime affairs of the Dubrovnik Republic. For example, among other things, it conducted investigations and trials in the disputes of Dubrovnik seafarers and cooperated with the consulates of the Dubrovnik Republic in Mediterranean ports. Various maritime taxes were paid into the treasury of the Office, and among them were the tax arboratica and the tax arboratica et scarmi.

Source immédiate d'acquisition ou de transfert

The fonds has been linked to the archive since its inception. In times of the Dubrovnik Republic, the books of the fonds were stored in the Rector’s Palace, and they remained there even after the fall of the Dubrovnik Republic in 1808. By 1891, the archival material was consolidated and was made available to researchers. The archive in the Rector's Palace has been functioning as an independent institution since 1920 and it was dislocated to the Sponza Palace in 1952, where it is still located today.

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The fonds consists of the series Arboratica (HR-DADU-57.1) and Arboratica et Scarmi (HR-DADU-57.2).

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The fonds is fully accessible to researchers in accordance with the Ordinance on the work in the reading room of the State Archives in Dubrovnik and the Law on Archival Materials and Archives NN 61/18 (Pravilnik o radu u čitaonici Državnog arhiva u Dubrovniku and Zakon o arhivskom gradivu i arhivima NN 61/18).

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Taking photographs and scanning are allowed, for a fee.

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  • italien

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  • latin

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Paper. The archival material is well preserved.

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Građa za generalni katalog Državnog arhiva u Dubrovniku, box 18, folder 9.

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State Archives in Dubrovnik

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The fonds has been completely transferred to microfilms, but the microfilms are not available to the users of archives.

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Fonds of the Dubrovnik Republic and the territory of the former Republic under the French Administration, series 56


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Descriptions of fonds, series and sub-series are made according to the ISAD (G) standard (general international standard archival description)


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Description prepared by Vesna Miović (Fonds, Series, Subseries) Croatia [The Institute for Historical Sciences in Dubrovnik, Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (CASA)] Translation to English by Zrinka Friganović Sain

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