Fonds HR-DADU-08 - Litterae et commissiones; Lettere e commisioni (State letters and instructions of the authorities of the Dubrovnik Republic)

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Litterae et commissiones; Lettere e commisioni (State letters and instructions of the authorities of the Dubrovnik Republic)


  • 14th century - 19th century (Creation)

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302 volumes; 30 linear metres; textual records

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Preserved interstate treaties and other documents from the 12th century show that authorities would already at that time oversee the work of the public notary and the chancellery. Based on key provisions made during the 15th century, the central administration consisted of five offices located in the Rector's Palace. These were: The Public Notary (legal private affairs), the State Chancellery (legal public affairs), the Judicial Chancellery (criminal justice affairs), the Office of the State Secretary (legal state affairs) and the Slavic Chancellery, which would eventually be transformed into the Turkish Chancellery. The secretaries oversaw the process of taking minutes of the sessions of the Senate, the Minor Council, as well as of those of the Major Council. This fonds contains primarily minutes of the sessions of the Major Council. In addition, secretaries would also compile the entire state correspondence instructed by the Senate and the Minor Council. They also created diplomatic codes and deciphered diplomatic mail, issued state documents such as certificates of the citizenship of the Dubrovnik Republic. The influence of secretaries increased so much in the 17th century that, from that moment onwards, they could be considered as the main administrative officials of the Dubrovnik Republic.

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The fonds has been linked to the archive since its inception. In times of the Dubrovnik Republic, the books of the fonds were stored in the Rector's Palace. They remained in the Rector’s Palace after the fall of the Republic (1808). The archives were consolidated and became available to researchers in 1891. The archive in the Rector’s Palace has been functioning as an independent institution since 1920, and it was dislocated in 1952 to the Sponza Palace, where it is still located today.

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The fonds consists of series Lettere di Levante (HR-DADU-8.1), Lettere di Ponente (HR-DADU-8.2), Minute di lettere di Ponente (HR-DADU-8.3), Minute di lettere vecchie (HR-DADU-8.4), Copia lettere diverse (HR-DADU-8.5), Lettere e relazioni di conti e capitani del territorio (HR-DADU-8.6), Lettere e relazioni (HR-DADU-8.7) and Fedi ed attestati (HR-DADU-8.8).

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The fonds is fully accessible to researchers in accordance with the Ordinance on the work in the reading room of the State Archives in Dubrovnik and the Law on Archival Materials and Archives NN 61/18 (Pravilnik o radu u čitaonici Državnog arhiva u Dubrovniku and Zakon o arhivskom gradivu i arhivima NN 61/18).

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Taking photographs and scanning are allowed, for a fee.

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Croatian (Slavic language)

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Paper. The archival material is well preserved.

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State Archives in Dubrovnik

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The fonds has been completely transferred to microfilms, but the microfilms are not available to the users of archives.

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Fonds of the Dubrovnik Republic and the territory of the former Republic under the French Administration, series 27


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Descriptions of fonds, series and sub-series are made according to the ISAD (G) standard (general international standard archival description).


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Description prepared by Vesna Miović (Fonds, Series, Subseries) Croatia [The Institute for Historical Sciences in Dubrovnik, Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (CASA)] Translation to English by Zrinka Friganović Sain

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